The Southwestern Academy Promises

To nurture young minds and bodies to become independent, critically thinking, empathetic, healthy in mind and body, visionary problem-solvers.

Our Philosophy

College readiness is more than just achieving straight A’s in college-prep courses. Students at Southwestern Academy develop the skill set to balance their schedules and rigorous college curricula, while remaining mindful of physical and mental health. Our students learn that good character comes from awareness of and empathy with others, and they gain the confidence to lead, be open-minded and use creative problem-solving for years beyond the classroom.

Southwestern Academy

The Place Where You Belong


At Southwestern Academy, students are encouraged to challenge themselves, explore new interests and find passion in learning. Our unique approach to college preparatory curriculum gives students the confidence to go outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves intellectually.  The Southwestern Academy curriculum emphasizes the individual, and fosters critical thinking, problem solving and other skills necessary for life outside the classroom.


Southwestern Academy is a co-ed college preparatory boarding and day school in San Marino, California. With a rigorously crafted curriculum and expansive student life, Southwestern Academy offers a safe environment for every student to grow. Schedule a campus tour today!

Student Life

Student Life at Southwestern Academy inspires students to make balanced and healthy lifestyle choices. Whether a boarding or day student, the activities, clubs, and events on campus are designed to bring students together to foster the sense of community, belonging and well-being.

The Arts


At Southwestern Academy, students are encouraged to make art a welcome friend and take advantage of all opportunities to express their creativity. Media arts students had the opportunity to create a commercial that aired repeatedly on NBC, for the duration of that network’s 2021 North American broadcast of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Student-inspired, directed and produced, this video shares their unique experience with potential students, families and friends.