Student Life


Our Diverse Community

On our small campus, all students participate, contribute, and belong.

International Outlook

You’ll arrive at Southwestern as a citizen of your country, and leave as a citizen of the world. As you interact with students from different cultures, you’ll gain a new perspective and make treasured friendships that reach across international borders.


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Fulfilling Activities

Southwestern offers dozens of opportunities beyond schoolwork. You may be active in clubs, create art and music, participate in student government, join our sports teams, and donate your time in community service.

Special Events and Field Trips

Students celebrate a number of special events, and field trips are regularly scheduled to take advantage of the learning opportunities in the area.

“I live in a little piece of the world. I never thought I would be part of an international boarding school and meet so many people from interesting backgrounds. I have made many friends, and it has increased my desire to travel.”