In classes of 8 to 12 students, each student benefits from personalized attention. It’s the key to unlocking your potential, whether you’re a highly motivated learner or a bright student with good capabilities who could be doing better. Classes are grouped by achievement rather than age, so students learn at their own pace.

Caring, Dedicated Faculty

Our dedicated teachers work diligently with students and take the extra time as needed to help each one succeed. They teach students, not just lessons.

College Preparation

All of our students go to college. Southwestern prepares you— not simply to be accepted into college, but to excel there. Our students develop solid study habits, time management and self-discipline.

ESL Program

We offer an intensive, three-level program to teach English as a Second Language, with some transitional classes in different subjects. Once students pass all three levels, they enter our mainstream classes.

Postgraduate Year

If you need more time after graduation to advance your skills to the university level, Southwestern offers a customized Postgraduate year.

PSAT Information

The results of the PSAT results are in. A copy of the PSAT results will be held on file here at Southwestern Academy. An additional copy has been given to the student along with the test booklets.

Please take a moment to review student’s test scores. If you have any questions regarding the scores, or how to interpret them please feel free to contact the Dean’s office.

The selection index is especially helpful to read. A zero can be added to the end of the selection index score to estimate what the student’s potential SAT score might be. For example if the PSAT selection index is a 150 that would be the equivalent of 1500 on the SAT.

The PSAT is a practice test, at it should be noted that students scores are not shared with any college, university, or other institution. The PSAT is only for families, students and Southwestern Academy. The scores are private.

The PSAT’s are helpful for the following reasons:

1. HIGHER SAT SCORES: The PSAT prepares students for the SAT. Students who take the PSAT average 120 points higher on the SAT.

2. FREE MONEY: PSAT takers are entered into scholarship and recognition programs. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation competitions as well as other programs.

3. PLANS FOR COLLEGE: Students who take the PSAT get free access to My College QuickStart, a personalized online college and career planning kit that helps students search for colleges, explore majors and careers.

4. FREE INFORMATION: Free information about admissions and financial aid from colleges, universities and scholarship programs will be sent to you.

5. IMPROVEMENT: This is what it is all about! Students get a comprehensive, personalized report about test performance. This will tell you exactly which questions you missed, and you can look back in your test booklet. This is valuable information.

Please encourage your student to make every effort to improve their PSAT scores. They are the best indication of how the student might do on the SAT’s.

“Southwestern Academy exposed me to not only a rigorous academic setting, but also the possibilities. There is so much out there for us to experience, and Southwestern has granted us the necessary tools to succeed.”