Our Mission

Our Vision

Southwestern’s vision is to offer American and international students personalized, stimulating classes and supportive, nurturing care that allows individual student success, understanding of diverse cultures, and preparation for college and life.

Our Mission

Southwestern offers and shall continue to offer programs to strengthen students through small classes—normally of eight to twelve students—with personalized lessons, achievement grouping, two unique campuses in safe environments, and especially by supporting student achievements through an involved, nurturing, caring staff who create an environment for individual student success.

Southwestern balances enrollments by actively promoting cultural diversity and social heterogeneity in its student body. We seek to admit motivated, successful students who want smaller classes and personalized instruction. We believe also in giving a chance to students who may have experienced unsuccessful schooling elsewhere, when they have the abilities and willingness to try. We believe in giving students love and encouragement to overcome obstacles, and in providing and stimulating participation in a wide variety of activities and athletics that they might not encounter in a larger setting. We work with students who want to be here and who will help their fellow students; if a student continues to hurt the community, we will help find more appropriate placement for that student. Our staff decisions about students will be based on the assessment of each case, rather than a comparison with inflexible standards. We will work to recruit American and international students who will benefit from and add to our school.

Support and encouragement for students will be our standard in all academic and disciplinary decisions. We will work to remove obstacles from students who want to reach their full potentials, and to encourage students at each step. We will pay special attention to each individual, particularly those needing our guidance. We shall keep building our caring and loving of students, using patience and the extra time we gain because of our small class sizes. Our object is never to fail students unless they give us no choice, but to help them be successful. This takes all our best teaching skills, and we are pledged to use those skills.

Maintenance and enhancement of our two campuses will continue to build the most attractive, safe, comfortable, complete facilities possible.