At Southwestern Academy, our Summer Adventures program combines education with fun activities. Students can enjoy summer while working towards graduation requirements. Summer Adventures is held on the San Marino campus for grades 7-12. We offer college preparatory classes and an English as a Second Language program.

The Summer Adventures program lets you:

  • Fast-forward your studies in small classes
  • Take intensive ESL classes or college prep courses
  • Sharpen your SAT or TOEFL test-taking skills
  • Discover your creative talents in music and art classes
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Improve your GPA
  • Play in afternoon sports tournaments
  • Enjoy weekly fun-filled field trips

Program Dates for 2022


For students seeking academic credit:

  • Full Summer         June 13 – September 2
  • 6-week Session     June 13 – July 22
  • 6-week Session     July 25 – September 2

For ESL and Enrichment Classes:

  • Full Summer         June 13 – September 2
  • 6-week Session     June 13 – July 22
  • 6-week Session     July 25 – September 2

To review the Summer Programs tuition and fees, see the Tuition & Fees page.


Whether you join our Summer Adventures program for four, six, eight, or 12 weeks, you’ll improve your academic skills and have a good time too. You can select from a wide range of core courses and many electives. Students gain academic confidence, master difficult material, and form successful study habits while enjoying outdoor activities.

The Summer Adventures Program is a great way to:

  • Master subjects that have been challenging
  • Earn credits towards graduation
  • Sample Southwestern Academy
  • Make new friends with classmates around the world

The Summer Adventures Program includes:

  • Courses in Math, Science, History, and English
  • Electives including music, fine art, and multimedia
  • Intensive SAT classes
  • Afternoon sports tournaments
  • Weekly field trips


Our campuses are close to some of the most inspiring scenery and culture in the United States. Students participating in our Summer Adventures Program can experience trips to some of these locations under the supervision of our qualified teachers.


If you wish to improve your academic English skills and learn about American culture, come to Southwestern Academy for the summer. You can study for four, six, or 12 weeks and earn a half or full semester credit. Those with only four weeks to study who want to improve their English speaking and listening skills can take our American Culture program. Ten to twelve students are in each class for personalized attention.

Our Summer ESL Program includes:

  • Three Ability Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Topics include listening, conversation, grammar, reading,
    writing, and vocabulary
  • Make friends with classmates from the United States and other countries
  • Prepare for the TOEFL test
  • Take selected high school courses
  • Enjoy a variety of sports and field trips
  • Live on the San Marino campus or the Beaver Creek Ranch campus

The ESL Summer Program is a great way to:

  • Get a head start on the academic year
  • Adjust to American culture, whatever boarding school you plan to attend in the Fall
  • Sample Southwestern Academy to see if you should continue in the Fall
“Our students have the opportunity to experience nature firsthand at our Beaver Creek Campus”