Sports and Outdoor Experiences

Sports Teams

Southwestern Academy fields 6 teams that compete in the C.I.F. (California Interscholastic Federation), and 1 Co-ed Junior High Interscholastic team. We encourage all students of any level, from beginner to all-star to participate on our teams. Many of our teams have Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High teams allowing for ample opportunities to learn valuable lessons of communication, teamwork, leadership, and building self-esteem. All the while having fun while learning a game.


San Marino Sun Teams

(California Interscholastic Federation)

  • Co-Ed Soccer: Our largest team, Southwestern fields a co-ed small school soccer team that competes during the fall season of sports. Students of every level may come out to play and learn the most popular sport in the world
  • Girls Volleyball: Our Girls volleyball squad during the fall season can consists of two or three levels; Varsity, J.V., and Junior High.
  • Boys Basketball: Our boys’ team consists of two to three levels; Varsity, J.V. and Junior High so all students have the chance to come out, have a fun time, all the time learning about the game that is rapidly becoming popular worldwide.
  • Girls Basketball: Our girls’ team consists of one Varsity team for high school girls of all levels. Junior high age students are encouraged to come to practices to learn from the more experienced players, as they await their turn as high school student athletes.
  • Co-Ed Baseball: Our most successful team over the past few years, our baseball team welcomes every student who wants to come out, get some fresh air, sunshine, and learn the “Great American Past time” Games may be scheduled as Varsity or Junior Varsity allowing players many chances to get into a game during the season. Junior High students are asked to come out to learn skills, rules, and nuances of the game so they are prepared to play as soon as they enter high school.
  • Boys Volleyball: Our Boys volleyball squad season can consists of two or three levels; Varsity, J.V., and Junior High.
  • Co-Ed Junior High Volleyball: In the spring both boys and girls in junior high have the chance to put those jerseys on and represent their school on the volleyball court.

In addition to team sports, we also provide sports that count as general physical education twice a week; Golf and Weight Training.

Sports Awards

While our sports seasons were shortened during the 2020-2021 season, our Baseball team was able to have a full spring season. Volleyball also had a chance to play. A special award ceremony was held on June 5th to recognize the outstanding athletes from those teams.

Congratulations to our Co-Athlete of the Year winners:
Andres Patricio Garcia Carrete
Santiago Azael Zuniga Nieves

“The Southwestern Environmental Associates organize the hiking club, tree-plantings and beach cleanups, as well as camping trips.”