Southwestern Academy 2021 Seeds and Confabs 2020, 2021

Southwestern Academy 2021 Seeds and Confabs 2020, 2021

Despite an odd year, the arts live on! 

Our incredibly talented students and advisors worked tirelessly to produce not one but two years’ worth of our Confab yearbook and our 2021 SEEDS magazine for all to enjoy.

Even with COVID impacting the last two years, students on campus were able to safely enjoy various on and off campus activities, which were documented in our Confab. Our Yearbook staff, which consisted of graduate Jayui Sato, 2021 Student Body President Paul Zeng, and Ms. Brunjes, created a photo timeline of the school years’ progression through the pandemic. Both the 2020 and 2021 Confabs were created on campus, printed and bound by our talented Yearbook crew and are ready for your viewing pleasure!

Our annual SEEDS magazine is a wonderful collection of art, poetry, and photography from students on both of our campuses. During a normal school year, students work together alongside Ms. Jacobs to create and print the magazine. Although Ms. Jacobs was not able to have a team for the 2021 magazine, she put together an assortment of artwork reflecting our students’ feelings during the pandemic. Take a look inside the magazines and experience our talented students’ work.

You can view our Confabs and SEEDS magazine by clicking the link here:

We hope that our Confabs and SEEDS magazines are able to show you a small glimpse of all of the wonderful things that make Southwestern Academy the place where you belong!