Rules & Dress Code

The Student Handbook describes the behavior expected from every Southwestern Academy student. In general, this means that students are expected to comply with reasonable rules, attend classes, do their assignments regularly, and set good moral examples for others. Smoking is not permitted. Tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics are prohibited in any form and are grounds for expulsion. A system of daily rewards and penalties enforces our campus rules positively. While suspensions and expulsions are very rare, these ultimate penalties are used for continued unacceptable behavior.


Keeping parents informed is important to us. All of our families receive a Parent Handbook that includes the school calendar and other information. Parents are urged to read the handbook carefully and to keep it handy, since a number of questions are easily answered in its pages. The handbook is available in our Download Center. Parents also receive monthly newsletters and activities calendars with updates about special events, sports activities, and campus news.

Dress Code

Southwestern Academy students do not wear uniforms, but we have a dress code. At evening meals, ties or dress shoes are not necessary, but all other rules apply. For complete information on the dress code, download our Student Handbook from our Download Center.

Appropriate Girls’ Clothing

  • Collared blouse or Southwestern Polo Shirt, tucked in, with skirt or tailored slacks with belt
  • Tasteful colors and fabrics
  • Comfortable dress or shoes, flats, or moderate heels
  • Ankle or knee high socks or tights, color-coordinated
  • Cardigan, crew, v-neck, or turtleneck sweaters worn over a blouse
  • Blazer, suits, or dresses

Not Acceptable For Girls

  • Short or tight-fitting clothing, sheer blouses, sleeveless or tank tops
  • Any clothes with flashy or advertising designs
  • Platforms or high-heeled shoes; casual boots; sandals or any open-back shoes
  • Fishnet or over-the-knee stockings
  • Shorts, Capri’s, leggings, or jean-cut pants
  • Sweat shirts or pants, head coverings or hoodies, indoors

Appropriate Boys Clothing

  • Dress shirt and tie or Southwestern polo shirt
  • Tailored slacks with belt
  • Tasteful colors and fabrics
  • Comfortable dress or casual shoes with ankle length socks
  • Cardigan, crew or V-neck, or sweater worn over dress shirts
  • Blazer, suits, or sports coat

Not Acceptable For Boys

  • Baggy, jean-style, cargo style, or other informal pants; shorts; or no belt
  • Any clothes with flashy or advertising designs
  • Shoes with cleats or noisy heels, or any boots; sandals or open-back shoes
  • Wearing low-cut sport socks or no socks
  • Undershirt designs showing through shirt
  • Tank tops, sweat shirts/pants, hoodies, or caps/head coverings indoors
  • Body-piercing jewelry except small earrings
  • Any oversized clothing, too big for you