Our Southwestern Academy Science Fair was a Success!

Our Southwestern Academy Science Fair was a Success!

San Marino students, grades 6-12 participated in the annual Science Fair, consisting of various creative experimental projects and elaborate Rube Goldberg designs.  The goal for the Rube Goldberg project was to insert a coin into a piggy bank, using pulleys, levers, screws, inclined planes, wheels and axles, and wedges to perform the simple task.

The Science Fair showcased a couple of changes: less experimental projects and a bigger, better Rube Goldberg.

The Rube Goldberg teams consisted of eleven students.  Students were asked to be creative while explaining their machines. Some students wrote scripts, which they recited to the judges.  Students also created scenarios, like a bank robbery, to explain why they wanted to drop a coin in the piggy bank.

The projects ranged from food experiments to debunking hair care commercials. Teams of two worked to produce fun and imaginative poster boards.

Stay tuned: winners will be announced when students return from Winter Break.