SUMMER SEMESTER EXAM WEEK is Monday, August 29, through Thursday, September 1.

OUR SUMMER SESSIONS at San Marino have been great fun, as well as academically productive for those taking credit classes. All summer, boys and girls enjoy frequent field trips with their classes, as well as all-day trips each week to such places as Knott’s Berry Farm, the Getty Museum, and Raging Waters, just to name a few. Check our Instagram or Facebook page for pictures and updates.

WHILE THE STUDENTS are learning and having fun, our campus crews are busy with summertime remodeling, painting, and some renovations. Besides some regular summer touch-ups, the California & Illinois Hall dormitories are going through a renovation, including improved sound and light control, fresh bathrooms, and new air conditioning & heating. Our Governor’s Room is getting a refresh, to go along with the new Head of School office. And, of course as tradition goes, the great oak floors in Lincoln Hall’s assembly room are refinished.

OUR FACULTY AND STAFF will be meeting the week of August 29th, in part to review handbooks, meet with departments, and prepare classrooms for the new school year. Student government officers and Proctors come to campus that week as well, to meet, plan and get ready to welcome all students and families for the new school term.

RESIDENT STUDENTS will check-in and move into their dorm rooms on Friday, September 2nd.

OUR FALL TERM OFFICIALLY OPENS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th. All students and their families, resident or commuting, are invited to join in a casual barbecue between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. to meet teachers and classmates.

ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, ALL STUDENTS COME TO THE ASSEMBLY ROOM for the First Day of School. And we’ll be off and running for Southwestern’s 99th year!

ALL RESIDENT STUDENTS are asked to send information of their travel plans to the Student Office: Students arriving/departing at LAX are urged to let us know in advance if we can help with transportation from/to the airport.

STUDENT AND PARENT HANDBOOKS for 2022-2023 will be posted online at our school’s website. The easiest way to find them is to go to the “DOWNLOAD CENTER” at the top right of the home page, where the handbooks are posted. There’s also information on “What to Bring for Dorms” and calendars for the new school year.