Students in grades 6-8 attend classes where they can progress at their own pace in a personalized, challenging curriculum. Classes are grouped by achievement rather than grade level, and are limited to 8-12 boys and girls. The curriculum includes:

Reading and Language Arts

Daily work in grammar, spelling, reading, speech, and writing.

History and Geography

Survey of United States history, alternating with world geography. Extensive written and visual projects help strengthen concepts.

Physical Education

Daily class taught by specialists, building individual and team skills. Student athletes are encouraged to join middle school teams.

Art and Music

Various creative experiences in multi-media projects and in choral and instrumental music, taught by specialists in each field.


A year long comprehensive look at all stages of human health; physical, emotional, and social.  Tasks include assignments, physical challenges, and looking at community outreach.


Individualized work in modern Math principles. Advanced students take Algebra I.


6th and 7th grades have a two-year cycle in life and earth sciences. Physical Science is offered in 8th grade.

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