Financial Assistance



Families who are concerned that affording Southwestern Academy may be beyond their means are encouraged to consider applying for financial aid or participating in one of the payment plans offered by the school.

Payment Plans

Southwestern is committed to employing flexible arrangements for families who need it to pay for tuition and fees. We examine the unique circumstances of your family situation and recommend a plan that makes sense for all parties. If a payment plan is needed to make attending Southwestern affordable please let our staff know of your concerns and we in turn will do our best to work with you.

Examples of payment plans that have worked in the past include:

  • Tuition paid in two installments two-thirds by August 1; balance by December 15
  • Tuition paid in 9 monthly installments September – June

Financial Aid

Southwestern Academy is committed to being affordable and accessible to applicants who are US Citizens , regardless of their financial circumstances. In For the upcoming 2022 – 2023 school year, 45 percent of Southwestern Academy’s families will receive tuition assistance. The Financial Aid Committee grants these limited awards based on a family’s individual demonstrated financial need and the student’s qualifications.

Families should apply for financial aid during or shortly after submitting the application for admission. Please follow the steps below: