Consultants and Agents

Agents, Educational Consultants, & Placement Directors

For over 30 years, Southwestern Academy has partnered with agents, educational consultants, and placement directors from all over the world. Together, we have placed students in a caring and nurturing environment where they are able to thrive in their educational and personal goals. Our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment for our students.

We thank you for your continued knowledge, support, and time you give to your prospective families who are seeking the best-fit school for their children.

We promise to always give you attentive, professional service.

To help strengthen our partnership, the following is information we will ask for, so that we can best help serve you and your families:

  1. Once you refer a family to us, how can we best communicate with you during the application process?
  2. Should we copy you on everything or only on certain documents?
  3. Who are the types of students you typically work with?
  4. Will you also help the student with college placement?
  5. What are the best days and times to speak on the phone?
  6. Do you want us to schedule our calls/video chats first via email?
  7. Currently, do you have a particular family you would like us to contact?
  8. When would be a comfortable of time of year for you to have us arrange an on campus visit? Would you like to come alone or with a group of some of your colleagues?

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