Thomas Bornt

    Thomas Bornt

    Assistant Dean / Director of Residence / Drama

    (since 1993)


    Extension: 234 (Student Office) or 213 (So. Wing dorm)

    BIRTHPLACE: San Gabriel, CA

    CLASSES TAUGHT: ESL Reading, Jr. High Health, Drama

    CLUB SPONSOR: Interact Club

    I AM IN CHARGE OF THE FOLLOWING SCHOOL EVENTS/ACTIVITIES: Actively involved with all weekend and evening activities, plus Drama Performances, Halloween Contest


    ATHLETIC COACH OF: Girls’ Basketball

    DORM PARENT: California Founders Hall, South Wing

    I LIKE TEACHING AT SOUTHWESTERN BECAUSE: The students. Watching as students “Get It,” and begin to excel at whatever the assignment may be.

    MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Repetition. The more you do anything the better you become at it. What holds true for athletes, holds true for academics. The harder you study and work the more successful you will be in class.