Robin Jarchow

    Robin Jarchow

    Head of School/CEO

    (since 1988)


    Extension: 207

    BIRTHPLACE: San Gabriel, CA

    COLLEGE DEGREE: Cal Poly Pomona; Bachelor of Science / Cal State Los Angeles; Associate of Arts

    CLASSES TAUGHT: Jr. High Earth Science, Jr. High Life Science, Biology

    CLUB SPONSOR: In charge of proctor training

    INTERESTS OTHER THAN TEACHING: Playing soccer, watching play-off hockey, backpacking, adventure travel, reading

    BEST ASPECT OF YOUR JOB: I enjoy interacting with the students, and because we have such a small student body, I have the opportunity to know each of them personally.

    FAVORITE QUOTE: “It’s not what you are on the inside, it’s what you do that defines you.” – B. Wayne

    MY EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: My goal is to motivate students to become passionate about learning.