Louis Pulgencio

    Louis Pulgencio

    Director of International Studies/ESL

    (since 1987)

    Email: lpulgencio@southwesternacademy.edu

    Extension: 220

    BIRTHPLACE: Vallejo, CA

    COLLEGE DEGREE: B.S. Applied Behavioral Sciences (ABS), University of California Davis; TOEFL Certification, UCLA

    CLASSES TAUGHT: ESL classes: Grammar 1, Writing 1, Notetaking, Speech, TOEFL Preparation

    CLUB SPONSOR: International Club Advisor

    EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIPS: Huntington Library, Getty Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of Tolerance, Gene Autry Museum

    Los Angeles Zoo, Theatre Trips, Outside Dinners, Japanese Dinner, International Club Luau, Advisor to all on-campus dinners

    INTERESTS OTHER THAN TEACHING: International Travel, Listening to Jazz, watching sports

    I LIKE TEACHING AT SOUTHWESTERN BECAUSE: The family atmosphere – student to student, student to teacher, getting to know the students is very important to me as a teacher.

    FAVORITE QUOTE: “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked in his boots.” – Author Unknown

    MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Treating students with respect is the most important factor in teaching. With respect you can gain from students 1) the willingness to learn, 2) the confidence to do well, and 3) the ability to succeed. With this in mind, they return the respect to you.