Brian Shriwise

    Brian Shriwise


    (since 1984)


    Extension: 208

    BIRTHPLACE: Dodge City, Kansas

    COLLEGE DEGREE: B.A. History (Secondary education emphasis), Fort Hayes State University

    CLASSES TAUGHT: Jr. High Math

    I AM IN CHARGE OF THE FOLLOWING SCHOOL EVENTS/ACTIVITIES: Arranging and transporting students to SAT and ACT test centers.

    INTERESTS OTHER THAN TEACHING: Sports, Cooking, Travel, and Restaurants.

    I LIKE TEACHING AT SOUTHWESTERN BECAUSE: The small size and the family-like feeling. It is very much like where I attended Elementary and High School in Kansas.

    FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you are going to dance you have to pay the piper.”

    MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Teaching is learning and learning is teaching. As an educator, I can always learn from my peers and students, and through my learning I am teaching them how to learn. It is important that the basic facts are taught/learned, but the more important process for my students to master is the art of problem solving. We can only give them the tools, they must build the solution.