Beaver Creek Ranch Campus

Our Beaver Creek Ranch Campus is a hidden gem of a boarding school in Arizona. This campus is located outside the city of Sedona in northern Arizona, an international tourist destination that attracts more than four million visitors per year. The area is known around the world for its art galleries and spectacular scenery. Many films and commercials are shot on location here, and Sedona has long been a hotspot for Hollywood celebrities.

Southwestern Academy’s Beaver Creek Ranch is 12 miles away, surrounded by National Forest lands. In this stunning setting, nature provides the ultimate learning laboratory for our full college prep curriculum. History, geology, archaeology, biology, and art lessons are experienced everywhere on campus.

Varied Programs

In a rustic ranch setting, the Beaver Creek Ranch campus offers the following boarding options:

  • College Preparatory High School (grades 9-12)
  • English as a Second Language
  • A Postgraduate year

The Campus

Set on 180 acres, you’ll find a boarding school like no other, accommodating 50 students.

  • Events are held in the Rimrock Room, with its rough-hewn timber ceilings and adobe fireplaces, decorated with Native American pottery.
  • The main study hall is modeled after a “hogan,” or circular family home of the Navajo people.
  • Seven stone cottages are set along trout-filled Beaver Creek.
  • With T-1 wireless connectivity, students can do research or email home.
  • Separate girls’ and boys’ dormitories are on the hillside.
  • A lounge with a huge fireplace is a favorite spot for students to watch movies and DirecTV.
  • There are sports fields, an indoor pool, a gymnasium, and horse stables.
  • A powerful deep-space viewing telescope is housed on campus.

Tour Campus

At a 3800 foot elevation between the Phoenix desert and the Flagstaff Mountains, the Beaver Creek Ranch campus enjoys four distinct seasons with beautiful springs and falls, and mild winters and summers.