English I

Begin SAT preparation in language, composition, and literature. Language structure is studied in depth, emphasizing spelling and vocabulary. Popular fiction and frequent written papers are assigned. There are introductions to drama, exposition, nonfiction, poetry, and mythology.

Algebra I

Algebra 1 is a first-year course in the study of algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, and functions. The content of this course is organized into 7 BIG Ideas in order to help one understand how the math that is being studied connects to the real-world. The 7 BIG Ideas are Properties, Variables, Equivalence, Solving Equations & Inequalities, Proportionality, Functions, and Modeling.

Physics A

A hands on study of the fundamental concepts and principles of physics.  Areas to be covered include but are not limited to motion and forces, energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves,  and electricity and magnetism.  Emphasis is on development of understanding of physics and problem solving and attempts to quantify many of the concepts central to the study of our natural world.

Western Civilization

Surveying the rise of western culture to Rome, Renaissance, and Reformation.

Spanish I, II

Both Spanish I, and II are taught with a traditional approach, using native-language teachers who stress reading, writing, conversation, and speech.


American Sign Language I is a beginning foreign language course offered in the high school setting. This course offers students the beginning foundation for American Sign Language skill acquisition to include: finger spelling, numbers, basic signs, non-manual signals, grammar, and syntax. Students will practice and create dialogs to demonstrate expressive and receptive communicative competence. Students will acquire knowledge and appreciation of the Deaf culture through literature, art, and various readings

Physical Education and Sports

Required daily, with team sports and individual lifetime sports skills. Intramural and interscholastic teams in volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, track, golf, cross-country, and baseball.


Art, media art, photography, music, drama, speech, fitness for life, life skills. Other electives and independent study courses may be arranged through a dean, as needed and desired.