SENIOR YEAR (12th Grade)

British Literature

This fourth year English course is designed to increase writing abilities, deepen literary insights, and broaden vocabulary. Reading includes Old English through contemporary writings. Regular writing exercises are important to build comfort and skill in clear expression for college work. Review material for Advanced Placement tests are available as needed. AP Literature or Language may be taken to meet the fourth year of English requirement by students who show readiness.

Advanced Mathematics (AP Calculus AB, and BC)

Accelerated students may take two years of advanced mathematics in preparation for the Advanced Placement Calculus examination.

Advanced Sciences

The fourth year of science will be available each year as an option to students who show readiness. Class offerings may include Anatomy & Physiology, and Astronomy. Fourth-year science courses build upon previous science courses. Course offerings may vary from year to year. A strong mathematics background is required for all advanced sciences courses.

United States Government

A required semester class which examines our government at its various levels. Students investigate comparative government procedures and seek awareness of contemporary problems in domestic and international relations.


Electives are offered at varying times, and may include Psychology, Languages, European History, and Creative Writing. These are normally open to Junior and Senior students as schedules permit.


Introduces economic theories, world trade, and the free market system. Consumer units provide many practical applications, including family budgets, borrowing, purchasing, insurance, investing, and banking. Students explore the concepts of the stock market through simulation activities.

Physical Education and Sports

Required daily, with team sports and individual lifetime sports skills. Intramural and interscholastic teams in volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, track, golf, cross-country, and baseball.


Art, media art, portfolio development, photography, music, drama, speech, fitness for life, life skills. Other electives and independent study courses may be arranged through a dean, as needed and desired.