Southwestern Academy Students and Faculty Enjoying the Year

Southwestern Academy Students and Faculty Enjoying the Year

Southwestern Academy is now a few weeks into the 2019 school year.  The international and domestic boarding students, along with our day students are busy with college-preparatory and/or language support (ESL) course work. With the summer program now behind them, students are more focused on academics, clubs, and all that Southwestern has to offer.

Boarding students at both the Arizona and California campuses are comfortable in their assigned dorms, and the dorm parents are working to ensure that the students’ private boarding school experience is a positive one.

The caring staff at Southwestern has encouraged students to participate in various activities such as movie nights, dances, morning assembly programs, and clubs.  Students have already gone hiking with the Southwestern Environmental Associates (SEA) to Chantry Flats in Arcadia.  From high up on the Flats, students took in the scenic view of San Marino, Arcadia, and landmarks, such as the Santa Anita Racetrack and The Huntington Library.

Each morning at Southwestern the students happily head over to Southwestern’s new Commons Dining Hall.  Students are greeted by kitchen staff, dorm parents, and teachers, who have breakfast right alongside the students.

The excitement of a new year is obvious when speaking with all the students, but especially when talking with the middle school students; they seem to love physical education classes and Southwestern’s House Teams competitions.  There is tangible energy on campus and students and teachers are buzzing around busily. Teachers are happy in their classes and students are eager to learn.  Southwestern is a  place where everyone feels like they belong.