Ms. Michele RUSSO


Ms. Michele RUSSO   SPRING BREAK 2019


Life Science:  Animal Project:  Your animal project needs to be done and ready to share by Tuesday, April 16!  Instructions where given in class on Friday, April 5.  Also, send one picture of a tree to


Math 2:  Complete pages 174 and 176-179 (this is the beginning of Chapter 5).


Life Skills:   Random Acts of Kindness Activity:
    1.  Over the course of your 10 days off perform at least three “random acts of kindness”.  Two of these can be for complete strangers, or friends/family members/neighbors, etc.  For each incident explain, in detail, what you did.  Include how you felt while doing the act, how you felt afterwards, and how long the feelings lasted.  Did the person you did the kindness to know it was you?  If yes, how did they respond?  Why is it meaningful to us, as humans, to be kind towards others?
    2.  The other act of kindness needs to be for yourself.  Do something that is just for you.  Something that makes you happy, less stressed, calm, peaceful, joyful, healthier (physically and emotionally),…  This one goes under self-care.  Since you have a full 10 days off you should be able to find some time just for YOU!  Include a description of what you did and how you felt.  When you come to class on Monday you need to have your paper ready to turn in at the beginning of the period.  Make a point to meditate, be mindful, for at least 60 seconds a day!!!  Be present and enjoy your time off!
    3. Please write a half page minimum summary of Mr. Hung’s talk.  This will be due when you get to class on the 16th.  (Koko, Simon, and Apple:  make sure to bring me your assignment from 4/4 on the 14th!  Thanks!).


Biology:  Review Cell Division.  You can either use your book and/or research on line.  When you come to class on Tuesday, April 16, you should bring a written summary of the Cell Cycle, including what is happening in each phase.  After studying the Cell Cycle take a close look at Mitosis.  Describe what is going on in each phase of Mitosis.  Include a detailed (colored) diagram of both the entire cell cycle AND the different phases of Mitosis (which is just a small part of the entire cell cycle).  All of this is from the beginning of Chapter 8:  The cellular basis of Reproduction and Inheritance.