Ms. Michele RUSSO


Ms. Michele RUSSO   WINTER BREAK 2018


Biology (4th and 6th) :  Read the article carefully. Write a minimum two page summary focusing on climate change and biology. Due 1/8/2019.


Life Science:  Draw a detailed diagram of Meiosis.  Make sure you include all the stages of Meiosis I and all of the stages of Meiosis II.  You should make this has professional as possible.  You must make an original diagram.  No tracing or printing and pasting!!  Attach a written explanation of each stage and explain what the end result is.


Math 2:  Complete fractions practice sheet (s) provided by Ms. Russo.


Life Skills:  Remember: We decided you would practice using the Database over Winter Break:  Here is your assignment:  Use the database to research gangs, current gang activity, getting out of a gang, Homeboy Industries, etc.  Here are the directions for accessing your database:

1.  Search for Crowell Public Library San Marino  and/or

2.  Click onto that website

3.  Under Research (on the top) click A to Z Databases

4.  Click on Britannic Library

5.  Log in with your personal Crowell Library card code and the password 5010.  If that doesn’t work, try the last four digits of your phone number.

6.  Search around and learn a lot!!

Write a minimum of two pages and be prepared to share it with the class on Tuesday, January 8.