Ms. Lauren BRUNJES


Ms. Lauren BRUNJES

Vacation Homework – 12/14/18 – Ms. Brunjes

1st Period (Physical Science)

Imagine yourself as one of the top scientists working on the Manhattan Project. You have been tasked with explaining the team’s work and discoveries to the President. Write a letter to President Truman explaining your achievements, the possibilities, and any concerns you may have. Your letter should be typed.


2nd Period (Algebra 1)

Sec 7-1, Q10-72 Even


3rd, 4th, and 5th Periods (Physics A)

Write a one page summary of what you did to contribute to the success of your science fair project. Consider what you may have done differently and what you have learned for participating in future events like this. Also, read Chapter 10, Sections 1-3 and complete the worksheet.