Ms. Lauren BRUNJES



1st  (Physical Science)

Design Your Own Ride

Your task is to imagine and plan your own amusement park rides.

Start by looking at the Amusement Park Physics glossary at to learn how different principles of physics contribute to different types of amusement park rides. Focus on one principle that will help you generate ideas for the rides that you want to create.

You will need to come up with ideas for two different types of rides. For each one, do the following:

  1. Think: Use your imagination to try and come up with a ride that is different from the traditional rides at amusement parks.
  2. Draw: Sketch a plan for your ride.
    • What problems might you encounter with your ride and how will you solve them?
    • Look to see if there are ways you can improve your plan.
  3. Explain: Describe how your ride works.
    • Write a summary of the ride.
    • What are the forces at work in your ride, and how do they act on each other?
  4. Draw: Create a diagram of your ride.
    • Show how energy is transformed or transferred throughout your ride.

Finally, create a name for your ride.


2nd  (Algebra 1)

Sec 11-3 Q26-59 ALL, pg 681-683


3rd, 4th & 5th (Physics A)

Part 1

Build your planetary lander project.

Part 2

Based on the video we watched, write a one page essay on what you see yourself doing in a town like Eureka.  How would you be a contributing member to the community? What job would you have? Be sure to state why you would have that job and what you would like about it.  Please be thoughtful and creative.