Mrs. Jami JACOBS


Mrs. Jami JACOBS


English 4: Students need to research romance heroes in literature. They will choose one to write a short essay about. They need to include the following details: What makes this person a romance hero? Include name, background, and life events. What heroic deed did they do? (Describe in detail) What time period did this hero live during? How is this hero remembered by his people? Can you compare this hero to an actual person in history? 

8th grade English: They need to complete the Divergent worksheet packet.

Social Media/Journalism: They need to document their vacation on the class blog with pictures and captions.

7th grade English: They need to read the Greek myth, Medusa’s Head, pp. 210- 221 in their Literature textbooks, and answer questions #1-5 on p. 222.

I will make copies for students who will be out of the country for the holiday.