Mr. Russ OSMONSON – Class Instructions



World Literature

APRIL 21I will see you on ZOOM, April 24th, Friday at 1:00. We will give presentations on this VISTA:

DUE on April 24) Assignment 3: Northern European/Russian Article Review OR Relevant Newspaper Article. Locate a substantial article in a current events journal, such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, or Newsweek; photocopy or print the article and annotate it. Then, write a one page abstract. Your abstract should cover the journalistic W’s (Who, what, when, where, why, (W)How).

These next few weeks I will be giving you quiz questions on Animal Farm to prepare you for the final. You will be provided with videos then take a quiz. Each student will get log in information for to create an account. I will send it to your email.

See you Friday. Be ready to make presentation. Look at the RUBRIC in Google Classroom for how I will grade. The next VISTA project is due May 8th.

NOTE: Your final will consist of Animal Farm, and IXL. Take a moment to look at level J of your IXL (many of you need reading comprehension support in IXL). I reviewed IXL today and I will be assigning work to you soon.
MARCH 16Instruction #1