Mr. Lou PULGENCIO – Class Instructions





2nd Period - Vocabulary 2

MAY 25 - 28This is review week. It is a time to study for you vocabulary exam. I have sent everyone the lists of words to study. Study them. If you need help, please send me an email. We will meet on Tuesday and Thursday, our usual times, for any questions.
MAY 18 - 22Take a look at “You Tube”; find the video “What’s it like being a foreigner in Korea?/ASIAN BOSS; this video talks about people who from countries outside of South Korea who live in South Korea now.

Vocabulary 2: Listen to the video; write 10 to 15 adjectives that are used to describe South Korea; write the definitions in English and your language.

Send to Mr. Pulgencio when completed.
MAY 11 - 15This week will be a little more fun! You will need to look up some vocabulary words. Find 10 words that describe your country. Write the definitions in English and your language. They can be one or more words. Then use them a a paragraph or two, or in conversations.

Find 10 words that describe a vacation or a fun place to visit. Write the definitions in English and your own language. They can be one or more words. Then Use them in a paragraph or two, or in conversations.

*There should be 2 parts of writing: 1 for your country, 1 for your vacation/visit
MAY 4 - 8Find the meaning s for these words from “hiking, wilderness, forest”. You will be sent an attachment with these words; use them in paragraphs or conversationsVocabulary
APRIL 20 - 24This week you will have 2 lists of vocabulary. Please write the definitions of the words. Then, write a conversation using as many of the words as you can. Or, you can write a paragraph or 2 using the new vocabulary.

When you finish the work, please send it to me so you can get a grade. It must be finished by Friday, April 24.
Vocabulary List
APRIL 14 - 17This week you will have to find the definitions of 3 pages of “proverbs”. Proverbs are lessons that you can learn. I will be sending you the 3 papers and will talk about them at our “Zoom” meeting on Tuesday, April 14, at 10:30 am



3rd Period - Speech

MAY 25 - 28This week you are to prepare for your final speech. I will be sending each of you information about your speech criteria. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! If you don not, it might affect your semester grade. You final will include “an informational section” and a “persuasive section”. Make sure that your speech is complete: outline, essay, then the presentation; outline is due 3 days before your presentation date; essay is due 1 day before your presentation day; use power point, or any other resource to deliver a “great quality speech”; Questions? Send me an email.
MAY 18 - 22Choose 2 people who you feel contribute to humanity; for example, Mother Theresa- she is a woman who spends her time with the poor and works tirelessly to save them from poverty (more details about her work); they may be people you know, or people you admire; describe what they have done to help people; send an outline first; when approved, do the writing, then send; prepare for speech
MAY 11 - 15Send an outline; when approved, write/send an essay; when approved, prepare for a speech

Create/revisit a humorous story from your time at Southwestern. The story could be about yourself, about a class, a teacher, or an event. Details are very important. They help the read visualize the actions. Length? Please have an introduction, body, conclusion

The second topic is to describe an embarrassing moment that you have had, or someone else has had. Once again, details are important for visualization. Describe what happened and how it embarrassed the person.

Length? It must have an introduction, body and conclusion
MAY 4 - 8This week we will learn how to use “direct quotations” when describing people’s personalities or abilities. Take a look at the notes I have sent you. The weekly assignment is attached. Send me, by email, any questions you may have, or set up a “Zoom meeting” with me, if necessary.
APRIL 27Special Occasion SpeechSpec Occ NOTE
APRIL 20-24This week you will be working on “informative speeches”. These types of speeches give important information to the audience. I will send to you a paper explaining informative versus persuasive presentations. Please take a look. Each of you will be sent a topic to discuss in your weekly paper and speech. We will talk more at our meeting.Informative Presentations VS. Persuasive

Speech Topic
APRIL 14-17This week we will learn about persuasive speeches. I will be sending to each of you a lesson on persuasive speaking. It is based on a “You Tube” video. Please read and review this paper. We will be discussing persuasive speech at our “Zoom” meeting on Tuesday, April 14, at 11:30 am.
Before our meeting, please look at the following “You Tube” video it is called: “How to organize a persuasive speech or presentation”
Persuasion Speech

4th Period - Grammar 2

MAY 25 - 28Alexis/Lucas: Your exam will be from Units 17 to 23; I have sent practice papers to you to study for your tests; also, please study your “review sections” at the end of each unit. Take a look at your notes, too. Questions? Send me an email. ATTEND THE MEETING ON WEDNESDAY.
MAY 18 - 22Start reviewing for final exam; practice test, Units 17, 18, 19, 20; will discuss work in video meeting; review notes on these chapters; questions
MAY 11 - 15Do the review sections for each of these units. The review units are at the end of each unit. Each review section is 1 page. We are preparing for the final exam.

Do Units 17, 18.19, Review section
MAY 4 - 8Read notes on Units 23 and 24; review attachment

Unit 23 Text- read pages 318 to 319; do page 310, A; do exercises 2, 3, 4
Workbook- do exercises 2, 3, 4

Unit 24 Text- read pages 330 to 331, do page 331, A; do exercises 2, 3, 4
Workbook- do exercises 1,2
Review attachment
APRIL 20-24We will be working on Units 16 and 17, I will send you notes on these units. Please look at these notes and let me know if you have any questions. Send me an email if you have questions. Here is your weekly work:

Unit 16 - Text book: Read pages 214 to 215; do part A, page 215; do exercises 2, 3, 4 Workbook: do exercises 1, 2

Unit 17 - Textbook- Read pages 230 to 231; do part A, page 231; do exercises 1a, 2, 3 Workbook- do exercises 2,3
Unit 16 - 17
APRIL 14-17This week we will be studying Unit 14 (Permission: can, could, may, do you mind if) and Unit 15 (can could, will, would, would you mind).
Check “Grammar Notes” for Units 14 (Page 192-193 )and Unit 15 (Page 204-205); I will send you a summary
I will have a “Zoom” meeting with you during the week. Check your email for the time.
Unit 14- Text: read page 189-190; do ”A”, page 190; do exercises 1, 2, 3
Workbook: do exercises 1,2
Unit 15-Text: read pages 202-203; do “A”, page 203; do exercises 1,3,4
Workbook: so exercises 1, 2, 3

5th Period - Writing 2

MAY 25 - 28Of course, this is review week. I have sent you a study sheet, and I will continue to review it with you during our video class; we will continue to study for the final test on Tuesday and Thursday. Please attend the meeting
MAY 18 - 22Take a look at “You Tube”; find the video “What’s it like being a foreigner in Korea?/ASIAN BOSS; this video talks about people who from countries outside of South Korea who live in South Korea now.

Writing 2: You many have to watch this video more than once; take notes on what the people say about living in South Korea; write down what they say about the good and the bad things when a person lives in South Korea.

Send to Mr. Pulgencio when completed.
MAY 11 - 15Look at this video on “You Tube”; “Mental Age Test- What is your mental age?”; write down your answers and the points you receive; for each question, you must write your thinking when you answer each question; at the end of the test you will get your score, or number of points; this will help you find out about the test; take a look at your points; this will tell you how old you are and tells you things about your personality; write down these things about our personality; in the end, tell me what you think about the test.
MAY 4 - 8Look at these 2 videos; write a summary describing what you hear and see; send it to me when you are finished; you may watch them a few times to get all the information.

“Japanese Exchange students try American Snacks” (8:21)
“10 Dumbest Things Billionaires Own (11:16)
APRIL 20-24This week you will look at 3 videos on “You Tube”; you will look at the video, take some notes, then send me your summaries written in paragraphs.
The topics:

a. ”Blind fast food pizza taste test”
b. “The truth about McDonald’s Big Mac”
c. “The Success story of KFC- do not copy; use your own words
APRIL 14-17This week we will be studying 3 important marking in writing: commas, the colon, and the semi-colon; I will be sending papers to you about these 3 things; we will talk about these things during our meeting on April 16 at 10:30 am



6th Period - Conversation/Listening 3

MAY 25 - 28Review week. Study the 10 essay questions for conversation for your test. I have sent them to you. We will continue to review this week. Be sure you have your book/notes. Be sure that you have all of your notes from the text and make sure that your 10 questions are complete. You may want to use other information about the questions during your final exam.
MAY 18 - 22Start working on the first 5 questions on U.S. history; we will discuss them at Tuesday meeting; more visual discussions about the 5 questions; take a look at the video
MAY 11 - 15Complete last week’s assignment from the book “Land, People, Nation”; send me the answers when complete.

Take a look at these 2 videos; take notes on what you see; discussions will follow during our “Zoom” meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.

“World’s Cheapest Country” (Live Like A King)!”

“10 Most Powerful Dogs in the World”
MAY 4 - 8“Land, People, Nation”- text; do “vocabulary’, top of page 306 (6 words); read pages 306 to 307; do “Understanding What You Read”, page 307 (bottom);

Page 316 do “vocabulary top of page 316 (8 words); do “Understanding What You Read”, page 317;

For discussion:
Read pages 317 to 320
Read pages 321 to 323

Video discussions:
“China’s hottest boy band is made up of all girls” (HBO- 7:23) “Confessions of a Black former K-Pop Trainee- ASIAN BOS- 13:51)
APRIL 20-24Speaking topics: Areas in China: leadership, economics, education, new ideas and contributions to the world. Please research these topics for discussion this week.
APRIL 14-17This week we will be discussing the following topic: The Role of Women in Society”; I will send this article to you by email. We will have a “Zoom Meeting” on April 14 at 1:00 pm. to talk about your assignment. The Role of Men and Women in Society