Mr. Jonathan LITTEN


Mr. Jonathan LITTEN – SPRING BREAK 2019

E1: Please read Act 3 of Macbeth. Choose one scene or part of a scene and write a ½ page explanation of director’s decisions you would make for the scene. Think of all the details we have been talking about in class.

G3: As a way to have cultural context for our next book I Am Malala, please create a poster about the Pashtun people, a tribe of people spread across Afghanistan and Pakistan. You should include pictures and text on your posters. Make them informative and eye-catching. You will present your posters in class when we return from break.

W3: Read through 185 in ATD. Arnold gets interviewed before the big game against Wellpinit. Your assignment is to write a 1-page interview for Rowdy. What is Rowdy thinking about before the game? What might he say about Junior? Write your responses in an interview style.

C2: Please:

  • Read from pages 26-40 in your Odyssey book.
  • Find 10 vocab words to define and use correctly in sentences.
  • Write a 1 paragraph summary of the important parts from the chapters you read.