Mr. Jonathan LITTEN


Mr. Jonathan LITTEN

WINTER BREAK Homework 2018

Conversation 2

  • Please create a Video Diary during your vacation. The Video Diary is a video recording of you talking. You must complete at least 3 entries (3 different days) in your diary. Each entry should be 3 minutes long.
  • Use the diary to talk about your trip, life at home, your family, your city, your interests, and ideas. You may be as creative as you like. Students in the past have taken their videos at different locations during their trips. But remember, you must speak during your diary.  Each diary should include 3 minutes of speaking. You will need to save your videos in a shareable platform such as YouTube. We will present after the break. Make sure you prove that you are completing your video during your break by showing the date of each entry.

Grammar 3

  • Work on MGP projects. You should try to complete as many pieces as possible so you can focus on the research paper component of your work when you return from break.

Writing 3

  • Read Sherman Alexie’s short story “This is what it means to Say Phoenix, Arizona.” Annotate as you read. After you complete your reading, you will type a one-page response using the textual connections (text-text, text-self, text-world) we studied this semester. In particular, look for ways to compare the story to our novel Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. How are these texts similar? What characters are similar? Themes? Plot? Read and enjoy – if you do a good job on your responses, maybe we can watch the film based on this story when we return.

English 1

Choose ONE of the following to complete:

  • Read and respond to Alberto Blanco’s poem “Boats.” Blanco, like Hass, writes a poem about poetry. What does his metaphor about boats suggest? Make your response like a Think Piece, but focus on specific details in the poem. Why, for instance, is a boy a “boat made of wood” but a girl a “boat made of paper”? Or again, how is life both a “boat built of wood” and “a paper boat”? These are just examples of ideas for you to explore. Be free and original in your responses.
  • Compose your own poem of place. Try to work on poetry writing skills we have studied this semester, such as rooting your poem in concrete images. Let the images, smells, sounds, and tastes of home inspire your poetry. All of you have been so excited all semester to visit home. Let your poems be a celebration of all the things that are special about the place you are from. (Type your poems. Yes you can submit this poem for your portfolio).