Mr. John KOHN



All Art and Media Arts Vacation Homework

SunSpots Report

Go to a unique area of town(Museum, Beach, Skiing, another city etc.) and record video on your phone/video camera of your experience. Recording a video from your home or on campus will not be accepted.

If you say… I didn’t do anything over my winter break is NOT an excuse! This project is designed for you to go do something fun outside your home. Your grade will be penalized if you do not do this homework!!!

To get credit you MUST RECORD YOURSELF on camera and say something like this…

“This is your name goes here reporting for SunSpots. I’m here at Place you are reporting from including CITY, STATE, COUNTRY ETC. Let’s go explore.


Phone should be close to anyone who is speaking.

Keep the camera steady.

Record Landscape position not Portrait!!!

Shot list should include wide shots, medium shots and closeups.

Media Art Students: If you are in Media Arts you must edit your own video and send it to Andrew Wang while on break so he can put all videos together.

Art Classes: Edit your videos on your phone or on your computer and turn it in when you get back. Not all videos will make it to SunSpots.