NEWS FOR FALL 2018-2019

NEWS FOR FALL 2018-2019

SOUTHWESTERN ACADEMY’S 95th SCHOOL YEAR is off to a great start. Greeted by the major Washington Gym renovation on San Marino campus, and updates in several classrooms and dormitories at both campuses, teachers met and welcomed students during orientation. Along with academics, boys and girls at both campuses enjoy educational field trips during the week, as well as volunteering, social & hiking trips on the weekends.

STUDENT AND PARENT HANDBOOKS for 2018-2019 are posted on line at the school’s web page. The easiest way to find them is to go to the “DOWNLOAD CENTER” at the top right of the home page, where the handbooks are posted. To keep up with our events, you may also look up the Annual Calendar and Holiday Travel Dates to book early for the school year. Please check here for important dates and answers for questions, but please don’t hesitate to email or call however we can help you.

MANY WONDERFUL NIGHTS of student choreographed shows and prepared dinners are scheduled. We’ve already enjoyed JAPANESE & KOREAN show & dinner on October 17th. We hope you can join us in San Marino’s Lincoln Hall for the upcoming International Nights of EUROPEAN CABARET on November 14th, CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration & dinner on February 5th, SOUTHEAST ASIAN show & dinner on March 6th, SEDER DINNER on April 17th, MEXICAN & CENTRAL AMERICAN show & dinner on May 8th, culminating with our world-famous CARNIVAL/LUAU on May 15th, hosted by International Club. We do ask that guests sign up in advance so students may prepare enough food for all. Sign-up sheets are posted on the general bulletin board the week prior to the event.

QUARTER EXAMINATION WEEK begins Monday, October 22, through Friday, October 26. We ask that you not schedule any appointments for your student during these important days of testing. REPORT CARDS will be emailed Friday, NOVEMBER 2nd.

WE HAVE A SMALL HOLIDAY for THANKSGIVING beginning after classes on WEDNESDAY, November 21. Classes resume MONDAY morning, November 26.

WINTER BREAK begins after classes on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14. Classes resume the morning of TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019. Please help remind your student of vacation homework that is due upon their return from all breaks throughout the school year. Class assignments will be posted on our website’s “CURRENT STUDENTS” section located here at the start of vacation breaks.

ALL RESIDENT STUDENTS are reminded to send information of their travel plans to the Student Office: Students arriving at either LAX or PHX airports are urged to let us know however we can help with transport to our campuses.

HAVE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO SEE ‘SUNSPOTS’ – THE STUDENTS’ HOMEMADE NEWSCAST?  It is on line fresh each week. We hope you take five minutes every week and hear the student reports on activities, athletics, and opinions. You’ll see some familiar faces too – including your own boy or girl. From wherever you are, go to our home page – – and see the ‘YouTube’ video link at the bottom. Or to link directly to the latest ‘SUN SPOTS,” go to our Southwestern Videos YouTube page here. Great fun!