Robert Lett


Robert Lett

Dorm Parent & Counselor

(since 1990)


Extension: 212

COLLEGE DEGREE: Business Adminisration, B.S. Cal State University Los Angeles.

CLASSES TAUGHT: I have taught Jr. High Health, World Cultures. Presently I am employed as the boys’ dorm parent and counselor.

WEEKEND/EVENING DUTIES: I run open gym for basketball during the fall November through the end of February.

INTEREST OTHER THAN TEACHING: Writing of poetry, genealogy

DORM PARENT: Illinois Dorm

I LIKE TEACHING AT SOUTHWESTERN BECAUSE:I enjoy being part of Southwestern Academy in my role as Dorm Parent. I see this as an opportunity to represent my country (the United States) to a diverse international student body. It is an opportunity to convey sense of caring and humanity to students through my interactions with them in my role as counselor and coach. Uniquely, I also see this not only as an opportunity to share positive values in my role as counselor but also to learn the viewpoints of students in regardsa to their perceptions of the United States.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “When the going gets tough the tough get going”, President Teddy Roosevelt

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: I believe it is important to give students an over view about that which you intend to teach (or share with them) as it allows them to gain focus in regards to the information which will be shared. It is important to teach students by giving them information in a clear manner. This is best acheived by using the methods of; lecture, reading of texts, and outside research. Information learned is frequently used by studentes in; classroom presentations to peers or written reports submitted to the teacher., writor reports which allow students to share with their peers. Finally , I attempt to close every section by reviewing the material covered and comparing it with the goals outlined in the class overview presented in the opening days of the class. The philosophy is easily described as followed, (a) tell students what you are going to tell them, (b) tell them what you you are going to tell them and (c) in review, tell them students that which you have told them.